Muscular Strength

Increase strength of individual muscles:  In every sport, some element if strength will matter with certain muscles.  Many sports have a strong emphasis on the power to weight ratio.  Athletes that have more power at a lighter weight usually have a competitive advantage.  Speedlab athletes are trained to be stronger while maintaining the same, or even a lower body weight.  This is accomplished by increasing the strength of individual muscles, in order to enhance their contribution to the power of a certain muscle group.

Functional Strength

Increase strength of muscle groups and sport specific functional movements:  Participation in sports involves complex bodily movements that are a fine balance of power, coordination, speed and agility.  Aside from strengthening individual muscles, actual muscle group movements can be strengthened to greatly enhance performance.  This often involves generating more power from the associated muscles that come together to create movement across a joint, as well as engaging the body’s core.  With the engaged core serving as the anchor, the body is then able to generate greater force through a strengthened and highly coordinated muscle group.  Speedlab trainers incorporate functional strength training techniques and equipment to achieve this critical goal.

Mental Strength

Increase mental fortitude towards new challenges and competition:  High-level sports are hard on the mind, as well as the body.  Many able bodies cannot perform to their fullest capacity if the mind is not able.  Mental fortitude can be taught and trained.  When this is done effectively, the athlete is better able to withstand the emotional rigors of hard training and competition.  Effectively dealing with obstacles, challenges and even setbacks is essential in order to become a champion.  Even more effectively dealing with a loss or a poor performance will help the athlete rebound faster and perform better in the future.  The Speedlab Mental Strength division teaches athletes essential coping skills to deal with these challenges and enable them to turn potential setbacks into opportunities for growth.  Everyone would be a champion if it were easy.