Physical Speed & Agility

Strength alone will not make an athlete great.  The ability to move the body quickly and precisely will allow the athlete to make the greatest use of his or her strength.  The ability to deliver an explosion of power allows the athlete to initiate movement quickly and with great force.  In many sports it is equally important to be able to replicate that explosion quickly and in the opposite direction.  In order to do this efficiently and effectively in the heat of competition the athlete must be able to maintain proper bodily balance and coordination or muscle groups.  Speedlab incorporates a number of advanced and innovative sport specific techniques to train speed and agility in athletes from several different sports.

  • Improve Change of Direction
  • Improve Explosive Power
  • Improve Balance
  • Improve Coordination

Mental Speed & Agility

Competitors often reference the “mental game” as a critical part of any sport.  It takes more than just moving the body with speed and precision to actually win.  Critical decisions are being made from second to second that will make the difference between winning and losing.  The ability to maintain focus and problem solve quickly will improve overall performance in actual competition.  In addition to being able to maintain laser like focus, athletes also need to be able to quickly shift attention and re-establish focus on a new task.  With additional training the ability to efficiently shift back and forth between different mental tasks can also be greatly enhanced.  Combining these enhanced abilities with a faster reaction time allows the athlete to perform with the highest degree of overall speed, precision, and efficiency.  This is how we create “bionic” athletes.

  • Improve Mental Processing & Problem Solving Speed
  • Improve ability to shift attention
  • Improve ability to shift between different mental tasks
  • Improve Reaction Time