Benefits of Athletic Testing

When athletes participate in sporting events that require high levels of endurance (such as cyclists, runners, or triathletes) these athletes can benefit greatly from the Athletic Testing services offered at the Speed Lab National Training Center. Being able to obtain relevant physiological data can help athletes improve their performance by giving insight as to what levels of intensity cause athletes to “hit their wall” and allow our coaches to adjust training accordingly.


Speed Lab Clean-Racing Initiative

Speed Lab National Training Center is dedicated to ensuring that all athletes within our program remain clean and free from doping through athletic testing throughout their training and competition. Coach Filippo Barbieri has received training and certification from the prestigious UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) True Champion Certification, the world anti-doping governing body for the sport of cycling recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and ensures our athletes do not use prohibited substances through the standards set by the UCI.


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